Driven by creativity, innovation and perfection, Swarovski is the jewelry market’s benchmark for crystal elements, inspiring artistic expression in designers and artisans since 1895. Indeed, partnering with established designers and nurturing emerging talent is core to the company’s philosophy.

In a mutually creative spirit of collaboration, Swarovski works closely with individual designers and couturiers, and with manufacturers, artisans and ateliers worldwide. Together they explore new ways of using crystal in fashion, across every segment of the textile world.

Fashion accessories are seductive yet functional items – they add style and grace; they complete a certain look; they express personality; and from shoes, bags and belts to watches, eyewear and hair adornments, they are increasingly a status symbol.

With limitless innovative concepts and technological advancements, crystals from Swarovski offer architects, interior designers, and manufacturers a key tool to extend their creative language.

Market segments shift over time due to demographic trends, regulatory impositions, and technological advances. We reflect these changes in the fields of cosmetics, cuisine, consumer electronics, and pet accessories, inspiring our customers with the endless ways of using Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski Create Your Style is an interactive platform connecting crystal connoisseurs and designers worldwide. Visit for creative inspiration and technical support, as well as information on new collections, application techniques, design direction, and events.

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