Swarovski’s diverse partnerships epitomize industry excellence—from streetwear to haute couture; fashion jewelry to accessories; textiles to interiors; lighting to architecture; crystal ornaments to gemstone design; consumer electronics to precision optics; and road safety to grinding tools.


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS established a very strong presence at Pitti Bimbo, the exciting fashion week for kids held from January 19 – 21 in Florence. The special catwalk show featured junior models wearing more than 40 designs made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for children between the ages of 4 and 8. The highlight of this year’s annual fair was a fashion show that SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Vogue Bambini hosted on the opening day. The fantastical runway appeared to be sprinkled in stardust to create an overall effect of pure enchantment.

No less than 26 well-known brands from France, Spain, and Italy presented their creative visions for childrenswear, including brands such as Rykiel Enfant, Little Marc Jacobs, Chloé, Lacoste, Moschino Teen, Laura Biagiotti Dolls, Little Paul & Joe, Diesel Kid, and Miss Blumarine.



As childrenswear becomes increasingly important to the textile market, bought as much for its street cred as for its durability, the heightened demand from designers for more elaborate decoration comes as no surprise. Swarovski Crystals give a twinkling sense of fun to children’s clothing, irresistible to both parents and offspring alike.

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