Swarovski’s diverse partnerships epitomize industry excellence—from streetwear to haute couture; fashion jewelry to accessories; textiles to interiors; lighting to architecture; crystal ornaments to gemstone design; consumer electronics to precision optics; and road safety to grinding tools.


Crystals from Swarovski sparkle in the most surprising material combinations. Austrian company LANG has developed crystal-embellished concrete paneling using a technique that itegrates images, graphics or logosin any desired form. The embedded crystals appear flush with the concrete surface, which can be designed on several planes or as individual combinable modules, enabling almost any design to be created. Available for use both indoors and out, Crystal Concrete is ideal for decorative elements or entire walls, and as a stunning surface for columns, ceilings and floors, as well as for sinks and furniture.



Swarovski crystals are integral components for interior or exterior use, offering myriad design solutions and amazing material combinations. Be it for wall and floor coverings, staircases, signage, switches, phone ports, windows and hardware, or showers, tubs, faucets and sinks – the application possibilities are limitless.


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