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Swarovski and Shinsegae hosts Crystal Shoes Design Contest

From April to August 2011, South Korea found itself in the grip of shoe mania, thanks to the Crystal Shoes Design Contest held at Seoul’s impressive Shinsegae Department Store, Gangnam Branch. 
The competition was sponsored by Swarovski and Shinsegae, plus eight well-known shoe brands: Neorhythm, Daks, Babara, Misope, Saera, Soda, Tandy, and Pinkfun. The aim was to challenge young designers to come up with unique creative ideas, thereby identifying the stars of the future. Anyone interested in shoe design was invited to submit up to three sketches of crystal-embellished footwear with a focus on inventive use of color – the theme’s title was Bourgeois Orange. Competitors were judged on three criteria: artistic merit; creative use of crystals as decorative elements; and the feasibility of turning the concepts into actual shoes.

A wave of 330 entries arrived from Korea, Italy and the US, each competing for prizes worth 10million KRW. Swarovski gave 1million KRW, plus a crystal plaque; Shinsegae gave 1million KRW in gift certificates to spend instore; and each shoe brand gave 1million KRW in the form of gift certificates, also to be spent at Shinsegae.

By May 2011, 24 sketches had been chosen and made into shoes by the eight participating footwear brands, with both sketches and shoes put on display at the Crystal Art Shoes Exhibition. Alongside the winners there were also exquisite exhibits from 16 of the world’s most famous shoe brands, among them Victor&Rolf, Hugo Boss, Stuart Weitzman and Giuseppe Zanotti.

But perhaps most exciting of all for the winners, their designs were made into a limited collection that was sold at Shinsegae from June for three months!



Shoes are objects of temptation that awaken sleeping desires and evoke hidden passions. They have long occupied pole position in the hierarchy of wardrobe essentials, but no outfit is complete without the must-have status symbol: the handbag. Put this high-fashion item together with footwear, and complete the look with leather accessories such as wallet, phone cover, key chain and business card-holder – all embellished with gleaming Swarovski crystals – and the suggestion of cool confidence and star quality is unmistakable.

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