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Vietnamese-born, Los Angeles-based accessories designer Jane Tran is a gifted artist who graduated from the UCLA Program for Professional Interior Designers. She started her career in interiors, but in 1998, applied her passion for accessory design to launching a business focusing exclusively on hair accessories.

Her exquisite bobby pins, fascinators, headbands and barrettes reflect her love of color and texture. She uses ornate ingredients such as feathers, crystals from Swarovski, freshwater pearls, coral and other semi-precious stones. She knows what women want, balancing the sweetly feminine with the boldly dramatic in a marriage of substance and style.

In Los Angeles, feathers have been the must-haves of the year, appearing in hair extensions, jewelry and clips; so Jane has taken this further, creating unique headbands that bring feathers and Swarovski crystals together. Inspired by crystals, she has also added several styles to her bobby-pin line. These incorporate crystals and organic materials, perfect for any special occasion, whether day or night.

Her creations are in all the big newsstand magazines – InStyle, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Allure, Oprah and Seventeen – with her hair jewelry for the modern bride appearing in various bridal magazines. She launched her Couture Bridal Collection, which uses delicate freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, feathers and crystals, in order to offer brides a range of classic and timeless pieces with a contemporary twist.

For more information on Jane Tran or to purchase hair accessories, please visit: www.janetran.com



Hats and hair accessories offer women a heaven-sent opportunity to change their look quickly, stylishly and affordably. An elegant chignon held in place with sparkling pins; flirty tendrils pinned up with a lustrous comb; a retro ponytail swept back into a crystal-embellished clasp. Hair accessory designers and brands all over the world are inspired by the rich palette of Swarovski crystals to create classy, witty and alluring adornments.

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