Swarovski’s diverse partnerships epitomize industry excellence—from streetwear to haute couture; fashion jewelry to accessories; textiles to interiors; lighting to architecture; crystal ornaments to gemstone design; consumer electronics to precision optics; and road safety to grinding tools.



A leading company in the development and manufacture of high-class helmets and eyewear, CASCO stands for quality with style. Crafted in Europe, they set a benchmark in innovation and elegance combined with high levels of safety, functionality and comfort. World-class athletes wear CASCO when participating in Olympic, World Championship and European competition titles across winter sports, cycling and equestrian events.

CONTACT: jeanette.krauter@casco-helme.de or visit www.casco-helme.de

Available for retail in Europe, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Russia. Horse-riding helmets are also available in North America, Brazil, Iceland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.



Time was when the helmet was a purely functional form of protective headgear. But all that changed when dynamic brands began creating sleekly sophisticated versions tailored to motorcycling, cycling, horseback riding and skiing. Offering the perfect mix of quality and style, these exciting and innovative helmets, sparkling with Swarovski crystals, are the last word in urban chic.

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