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It’s Punk Couture!

You can all embrace your inner rock-chick ever so easily now—just inject an air of gorgeous defiance with a change of accessories: Swarovski’s BeCharmed assortment shows you how.

From make-up to directional fashion to haute couture, you can’t move for neo-punk styling right now, but forget safety-pin chic—its rebellious edge has been updated with a sophisticated 21st-century spin. It’s good to see, then, that Swarovski’s Pre-Season Spring/Summer 2015 Launch is surfing the wave by taking the trend to a whole new aesthetic level. Adding to last year’s innovative BeCharmed assortment, the latest quirky collection to join this leading-edge line-up is a riot of show-stopping Punk Couture, captured in a cool collision of edgy street-luxe and opulent glamour.

Absolutely anyone with even a hint of a renegade streak will be able to make a bold style statement with Swarovski’s spikey beads in sleek metallic, super-trendy colors, burnished studs, and intricate glittering pavé settings for maximum light play. BeCharmed Slim and BeCharmed Pavé Spikes combine brilliantly with beads and pearls to give jewelry and accessories a distinctly punkish glamour. Add to that the cool metallic shimmer of Peach Gold, the new effect for Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, and you’ve got instant street culture-meets-couture appeal.

So, now all the maverick magpies out there can tailor their own piece of punk-couture perfection from Swarovski’s high-octane contemporary BeCharmed assortment!

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