TREND REPORT ELLE China’s silver anniversary

Stylish, spirited, and sexy!

Glamorous and glossy tome, ELLE China, celebrated its 25th anniversary last month with a sumptuous, collectible edition that featured beautiful bespoke birthday creations from a trio of dynamic jewelry designers.

To mark the auspicious occasion, Editor-in-Chief Xiao Xue threw down a glittering gauntlet to three funky young designers, inviting them to create original jewelry pieces using Swarovski crystals inspired by ELLE’s three watchwords; ‘Stylish. Spirited. Sexy.’ Judy Hua, Sava Zhang and Hefang Sun were each tasked with demonstrating the ‘multiple facets of crystal, and the multiple facets of women.’

Judy Hua, the winner of ‘Independent Designer Award ’ at the 2011 ELLE Style Awards, embodied the ‘Spirit’ theme with her graceful and mystical elk necklace, studded with a rich assortment of Swarovski crystals, symbolizing “the inner power, personality, and sparkle of every woman.”

Founder of jewelry brand, SU, Sava Zhang combined traditional Chinese techniques with a distinctly modern feel to create two glorious designs for ‘Style’, using ebony and silver to represent the grandeur of mountains and the shiny fluidity of the ocean’s waves. “The purity of crystal best represents the different styles and beauty that women possess.”

Thirdly, the 2009 winner of ‘Emerging Star’ Jewelry Design Golden Awards, Hefang Sun, produced two perfectly circular pendants to pay homage to ‘Sexy.’ Her gleaming designs took as their reference the shape of the female hip and breast. “I used curves as the basic contour to imply the perfection and roundness of the female.”

Each designer produced 25 copies of their pieces—five to be kept for ELLE photo-shoots and exhibitions; ten to be sold through the designers’ own retail channels; and ten at the online retail channel,

Revenue from the extra-special, best-selling October issue were split with the Huayi Bros charity, which builds cinemas with toys, books and computers, and provides free movie screenings for impoverished children in China. It all just goes to show that design can look great and do good all at the same time!

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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