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Todd Bracher’s ‘Strandelier’

Tipped as America’s next great designer, it’s an unusual plaudit for someone who takes the simplicity, functionality, and democratic ideals of the Scandinavian design tradition as his reference point. But Todd Bracher has earned numerous awards precisely because he has the stellar talent necessary to bring a new and distinctive voice to an old tradition.

Todd Bracher's Strandelier Todd Bracher's Strandelier

Having left his native New York to study design in Copenhagen, Bracher spent the next decade refining his work in Milan, Paris, and London, where he headed Tom Dixon’s studio. On returning to his hometown, he founded Todd Bracher Studio LLC, and his simple, truthful design with a Stateside twist began to attract serious attention.

The essence of Bracher’s vision can be seen in ‘Strandelier’, the startlingly beautiful Swarovski Lighting Centerpiece that is currently being exhibited at Berlin’s ultra-hip nhow music hotel. The hotel’s austere architecture is highlighted with interior designer Karim Rashid’s colorful notes of neon and extravagant textures. Strandelier balances this minimalist-meets-maximalist aesthetic with witty elegance, as Bracher strips the classic chandelier back to its pure form and plays with the poetics of space using interwoven crystal strands.

The final effect is perfectly in tune with the hotel’s creative pedigree. One of a new generation of hotels, nhow is at the epicenter of the city’s music, fashion, and arts scene. Known as Europe’s first music hotel, it’s the only one in Europe with two professional recording studios.
It also celebrates the role this part of Berlin has played in the history of rock, because it’s where the legendary Hansa recording studio brought the sounds of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, and Depeche Mode to the world.

Check into Berlin’s nhow music hotel and check out Todd Bracher’s remarkable Strandelier.

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