An ‘accidental designer’, Brazilian Pat Marré’s switch from a business career to jewelry was fueled by her fascination with stones and cuts, and her vision and idealism—a combination that has put Marré Infinito on the map.

INTERVIEW Marré Infinito’s Pat Marré

The Brazilian idealist whose dream became reality

Back in April, some three hundred jewelers and retailers met in Vienna for the LINK Jewelry Summit, bringing together the most inspiring business leaders and innovatively creative minds in jewelry. Pat Marré of Marré Infinito was a guest of Swarovski. We caught up with her to find out more about the Brazilian jewelry brand that’s famous for its bold, bright, semi-precious statement pieces.

I was born in Minas Gerais, a Brazilian state renowned for its gold and gems. I used to watch my mom, Mari, selling gold jewelry and started helping her when I was fourteen. I went on to study Economics, and worked as a business consultant for fourteen years.

My mother had a massive impact on me, influencing my values from an early age. She taught me setting techniques and how to use new materials, and did everything she could to see her vision of me come true.

When the Brazilian market hit the rocks in 2002, I decided to put my efforts into Marré Infinito. Before I knew it, I was involved with the creative team and had become a designer.

My energy is reflected in every piece. One of our sales people once said to me, “When you work with gems, you get a special sparkle in your eyes.”

I’m an idealist who believes in a world of dreams, which can come true at any time, as long as there’s trust, honesty and love.

Working with Swarovski increases my knowledge and encourages me to go above and beyond—I seized the chance to work with them.

Women change when they wear Marré Infinito jewelry. Crystals have a special magnetism—they attract us in the same way that fire, the sun and everything else that warms our lives attracts us.

I love being close to water—the beach or near a mountain stream. Water cleanses body and soul, renewing, and letting everything flow.

In terms of creativity, I could be a decorator, painter, cheerleader, and a whole lot more. Just don’t ask me to sing or play an instrument…

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