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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has traditionally revealed its new collections well in advance of the season—so useful to anyone who works with crystals. Now the company has gone one further by previewing it even earlier.

The new 'Pre-Season' introduction to the latest innovations and inspirations offers the advantage of giving creatives more time to dream up inspiring, fresh ideas and ways of incorporating crystals into their designs.

Therein lies the paradox: as we become ever more inventive and sophisticated, there’s an environmental price—and with climate change under the spotlight, it is this genius for creative solutions that’s becoming increasingly important. The Fall/Winter 2014/15 theme, ‘Natural Beauties’, highlights the issue, as it goes right to the heart of Swarovski’s ethos. Founded in Austria’s clear mountain air well over a century ago, the company’s members believed in environmental sustainability long before it became the mega-trend that neo-ecology is today.

‘Natural Beauties’ is remarkable for its incredible sense of color, ‘change’ being the watchword. It rejects solid, harsh, man-made tones in favor of the sublime color washes and striking blends that are so evocative of changing seasons and landscapes that include glacial polar regions, dry savannahs, and lush tropics. Two new blends are previewed: Provence Lavender-Chrysolite, which captures the transition of spring into summer, its fresh, feminine colors suggesting sun-kissed lavender fields; and Crystal-Montana’s deep blue merged with pure Crystal, which evokes melting snowcaps and frozen lakes.

In contrast to these subtle blends are the new Crystal Mesh Balls in two variants: Degradée and Multicolor. Each is introduced in a kaleidoscope of dazzling hues. Picture the lively spectrum of a coral reef, an exotic garden in bloom, or a rainbow over a meadow, and you’re there, almost.

However, color isn’t the whole story. Man’s spirituality is deeply intertwined with the natural world, and his search for inner harmony has inspired ‘Birthstones’, which forms part of the BeCharmed collection and features twelve new beads designed to echo the colors of the stones representing the signs of the zodiac.

Swarovski’s Pre-Season Fall/Winter 2014/15 is more than just a sign of things to come: it is a visual reminder that we ourselves play a crucial part in nature’s delicate balance.

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