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Maya Hansen’s ‘Edelweiss’ corset

Visitors to February’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid saw a luscious load of head-turning craft and artistry on the catwalk as red-hot designer, Maya Hansen, premiered her beautiful Edelweiss corset.

When I took a closer look into the world of crystal, I discovered an entire universe of possibilities.

Hansen is the sassy, platinum blonde corsetry couture queen whose outlandishly exciting designs have set the bar head-swimmingly high for silhouette-hugging bodices. They are favored by the likes of Lady Gaga, who last year sported a customized piece from Hansen’s ‘Queens of Spain’ collection.

The formidable Hansen joined forces with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to conjure up the bespoke Edelweiss corset for the Mercedes-Benz event, instantly transporting the viewer to the snowy, mountainous landscapes of the Alps… Sporting ram’s horn-like silky coils of hair, a crystal headdress and skimpy silver shorts, the dolled-up, dominatrix-style model stalked the runway in her ice-maiden armor. It was at once alluring yet dangerous, with its glinting, spikily accentuated hips and sharp, spiny glittering breastplate. Clusters of over one thousand clear, pointed crystals gave an icicle-like, snowscape finish and texture to the elasticated silvery satin corset fabric, the magnificent result of 150 painstaking hours of hand-sewn embroidery.

Edelweiss is part of Hansen’s Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection, which takes inspiration from all things Alpine—brocade, suede, velvet, satin, synthetic leather, and wool in dark crimson, gold, and earthy shades evoke the flora and fauna of Tyrolean landscapes, as well as the palatial baroque splendor of the Austro-Hungarian empire. On that note, Hansen debuted an astonishing wooden ‘carved’ corset, the result of an out-there collaboration with sculptress Sandra Krysiak. Models took to the runway in iconic gladiator-style Ursula Mascaro platform sandal-boots in black, silver, and gold, with lashings of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The fashion-forward Spanish designer’s past triumphs include a Heavy Metal range, a ‘Day of the Dead’ show, an elaborately decorated Steampunk theme, two elegant bridal couture collections, and the bright, candy colors of the fun ‘Cake’ collection.

One can only wonder where inspiration will strike next for this fearless, canny corsetière…

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