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Swarovski’s LED collection

When ecology meets aesthetics, what emerges is a sublime mix that gives expression to Swarovski’s unshakeable belief that “beauty is intrinsic to a sustainable way of being”.

Launched in September, a second collection of LED-driven lighting designs by Swarovski combines beauty and responsible design.

Here’s the techy bit: the 50,000-hour life expectancy of LEDs, over the standard 1,500-hour life expectancy of incandescent bulbs, plus its super-low energy consumption, is a significant shift towards sustainability. It doesn’t take ‘a beautiful mind’ to add that up!

After lighting up the magnificent chandeliers of the Palais de Versailles with the Swarovski LED Crystal Candle—a world-first Swarovski innovation that simulates the flickering of hundreds of candles to evoke the glamour of bygone era—Swarovski’s Candella adopts this concept of natural candlelight and modernizes it for today’s environment.

This conceptual bridging of the future with the past is a recurrent theme for Swarovski. Where else would you find Enlace, a centrepiece by renowned designer Todd Bracher that shimmers with a tranquil beauty beside Crystalon, a piece that explodes in a sparkling asymmetry of hexagons? Inspired by DNA, its nature is elemental, full of life.

And as if that wasn’t sufficient design brilliance, Swarovski can now transform, in an even greater number of ways, interiors into beautiful sparkling places. With the development of the atmospheric Downsquare by Stefano Ricci and the avant-garde Madison, your inner Cinderella shall go to the (crystal) ball!

It’s only by remaining true to its values that Swarovski continues to sustain a light-filled and beautiful vision of the future…

… so that we can continue to live happily ever after!

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