The success of Marbella’s beautiful body art is down to French savoir-faire—with a soupçonne of divine intervention.

INTERVIEW Bejeweled body art from Marbella

A sparkling skin sensation!

Adeline Moniez, owner of Paris-based luxury body art company, Marbella, maintains that she has a guardian angel that sends her unexpected ideas for her inventive and exotic designs. It seems a higher force has been on her side from get-go. ‟In January 2006, I lit a candle at the Basilica of St. Thérèse de Lisieux, one of the most famous French basilica, and prayed for help to get my business off the ground. Three days on, I received an award for Social Entrepreneurship, and Marbella was nominated for ‘Best New Talent’ designer. Marbella Paris opened in Printemps Haussmann a few weeks later!”

Born in Amiens, a major city in Northern France, to creative stock (her grandfather designed comics to amuse her, and her pianist father was a gifted artist), Adeline started out studying Law. She fell in love with the possibilities of body art on a trip to India, inspired by the culture of henna tattoos, and started designing her own highly innovative range in 2005.

She describes her gorgeous hypoallergenic, reusable designs as ‘haute joaillerie’—the ultimate in opulent, seductive, couture-style adornment. ‟I try to emphasize feminine elegance, originality and personality. Some of my creations take weeks to perfect, but it’s worth it for the unique result.”

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are integral to her process. ‟The brilliance of the crystals gives the designs a magical quality. When I first think about a piece I’m also imagining the type of crystals I’ll use.”

Asked which innovation she is most proud of, she replies that it’s an early poppy design (the symbol of Picardy), which she made for her grandmother. “More recently, it would be our glamorous Marbella Eyeliners—when enhanced with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, they give the effect of seductive cats’ eyes.”

Each season she designs four collections—these range from the French Collection’s graphic simplicity and temporary tattoos that resemble actual tattoos, to the opulent fantasy of the Place Vendôme collection, whose exceptional pieces are made with precious and semi-precious stones and dazzling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and worn as necklaces, buckles, or bracelets.

“The art of wearing body adornment”, says Moniez, “comes simply from the desire to release your inner artistic soul and express yourself.”

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