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Special-occasion dressing

This month’s grand finale in our MADE WITH series offers unapologetically OTT diva dressing in “That Special Occasion”, captured in some of the finest photography we have yet seen. So, for 2012’s final treat, we bring you eye-watering, covetable jewelry and attire that would make Cinderella faint with pleasure.

Sometimes we need something extraordinarily exceptional and dazzling to celebrate our special moment.

Special-occasion dressing means you can wear lace, embroidery, and enough tulle to outfit the Ballets Russes, if you like, but the rule is to keep it monochrome. Luxury fabrics in a pared-back palette provide you with the perfect backdrop for high-voltage crystal jewelry that is as extreme as it is extravagant.

And extravagant these pieces surely are: the “Glamourama” section provides jewelry to make you weep with desire. Conjure a range of looks with it from provocatively pretty to subtly sophisticated, with super-ornate body pieces that loop in majestic cages of crystal from throat to waist, or sweep in elaborately swirling scrolls to the chest, with intricately worked cuffs and chandelier earrings to match. In “A Fragile Beauty” you can see it up close in still-life photography of achingly beautiful crystal elements and the truly fabulous jewelry made with it.

Sometimes we need something extraordinary, exceptional, and dazzling to celebrate our special moment. Indeed we do. Even when there are no special moments hovering on the horizon, we need to escape into fantasy from time to time. And is most certainly the right place for dreaming.

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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