TREND REPORT Amica shines a spotlight

on the hippest, hottest looks in Future Trend 2013

Achingly cool-and-current Italian fashion magazine Amica treats its readers to a special Christmas extra this month… With its Future Trend 2013 booklet, produced in partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, readers get a funky focus on upcoming styles—all with added sparkle.

Between its glossy covers are four sections: “Big Bang,” where Ute Schumacher, Vice President of Trend Research & Design , talks about how trends are born.
“Next Glamour” and “Next Woman” highlight the newest looks for 2013, including various must-have products made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
Lastly “Shining Power,” which dedicates ten pages to the art of transforming everyday items into objects of desire with the mercurial addition of crystal. A pouting mouth is emblazoned in gold glitter as brilliant body art, and a celebratory bottle of Moët & Chandon glints with geometric crystalline studding. The iconic made-in-Italy Vespa also gets a glittering going-over with a ton of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, while Brilliance Moschino Cheap&Chic sunglasses by Safilo dazzle in the sunshine with deftly applied decoration.

Functional gets fabulous, too—the ski helmet is sure to take on cult piste status with an eye-catching peacock feather design, arrestingly highlighted in colored crystal. There’s a Giorgio Armani clutch bag embellished with sassy sequins, and Moschino Cheap&Chic pumps receive the Cinderella-to-the-ball treatment with a wave of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS wand.

Be inspired by the making of SHINING POWER!

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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