INTERVIEW ‘Biwua by Francisco Navarro’

opens new frontiers in Mexican jewelry

Twelve years ago, Biwua began life as suppliers of semi-precious stones and beads, then founders Francisco and wife Priscila decided to design their own uniquely beautiful pieces. Within a year of opening a boutique in Mexico, they launched a bespoke silver collection, and now have several worldwide outlets, selling gorgeous, hand-cast items in silver, gold and vermeil (an amalgam of precious metals). Francisco tells his story.

I was a hyperactive child, born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Art was always present. My father spent hours making frame-by-frame animations and my mother is a screenwriter.

The constant need to improve myself keeps me moving forward, while my wife and son are the ‘motor’ behind each project. My creativity is sparked by those moments when you hear a new sound or see a new shape. I absorb these ideas and transform them into jewelry that I want people in Mexico and the rest of the world to feel proud to wear.

Priscila has taught me a lot about life, love and personal strength. Being with her makes me grow. On a more practical note, she’s also in charge of the numbers side of the business—she’s very organized!

My pieces have gained strength, and developed more presence and glamour since I started working with Swarovski. Sometimes my design is based directly on the shape and shimmer of a crystal. I feel SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS can project an eccentric elegance and bring a piece to life.

Chaos strikes when you try a new idea and encounter design challenges. It generates novel, more interesting ways of doing things. I prefer to design at night when I’ve got through the day’s to-do list. I find listening to jazz gets the ideas flowing.

My two favorite places are London and Manhattan, where cultures, ideas and fashion constantly converge. I try to imagine what goes through the minds of the people there, which helps to feed my creative process.

Always fight for what you believe in – this motto explains why one of my most treasured books is Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. Its message is to aim high and work hard, disregarding the barriers along the way. Everything is part of the learning process.

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