INTERVIEW The edgy alchemy

of Emmanuel Bossuet

By giving the dressmaker’s dummy a decoratively crystalline dimension, radical designer Emmanuel Bossuet has turned it into a piece of highly prized, collectible art.

Graphic artist and creative director with a penchant for decorative design, Paris-based Emmanuel Bossuet has partnered with some high rollers on the international luxe jewelry, fashion and furniture scene, including Cartier, De Beers, Lalique, Knoll and Fritz Hansen.

After débuting as a graphic consultant at Philippe Starck's studio, Bossuet went on to establish awesome agency, EEM. This soon became a creative hub geared towards bespoke, one-of-a-kind projects that attract attention from the likes of fashion designers Martine Sitbon and Sonia Rykiel, who are drawn to Bossuet’s edgy alchemy.

His passion for prints was established during an early immersion in industrial design, as well as the Parisian fashion scene—experience which these days translates into a distinctly cool signature style and a multi-dimensional, decorative design “grammar”. Bossuet is always on the lookout for clever ways to express his fascination with display installations, admitting that one of his favorite games is “to divert them from their prior function and turn them into striking pieces”. Last year, he combined high couture and art installation while retaining function as he entered into a playfully brilliant collaboration with Stockman, the famed historic mannequin masters, to produce a limited edition of graphically printed ‘haute couture’ busts. His latest project, in partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, goes one glittering step further—he has used innovative techniques of crystal application to cover the famous Stockman models to breathtaking effect.

Over 7,000 crystals festoon the outlines of traditional black cotton mannequins in sparkling moiré web-work, instantly reinterpreting the everyday object as something luxurious and magical. The three delicate, dazzling designs perfectly express Bossuet’s passion for precise patterning and optical effects. Says Bossuet: “This project required a very special collaborative partner, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ expertise made it possible to faithfully translate such a complex design using scintillating crystals.”

Already sought-after items by fashion lovers and designers who also use the dummies to decorate their homes, Bossuet’s maverick magic now means that the mannequin’s stock has dramatically risen.

Picture credit: Inès Dieleman

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