TREND REPORT Street style hits its stride

Opening new frontiers of drama and opulence

Unashamedly over-the-top indulgence takes the streets by storm—it’s all about more is more, so don’t hold back.

Take a walk on the wild side and navigate the urban jungle with dazzling crystal jewelry.

In what must be one of New York’s hippest urban shoots in recent memory, model Katie Fogarty takes street cool to an entirely new level. ‘A Street Named Desire’, the third installment in our five-part MADE WITH jewelry extravaganza, is an object lesson in how to navigate the concrete jungle with stunningly sexy insouciance.

Every one of the pieces in the head-swiveling selection shown in the ‘Walk This Way’ section is a serious ‘look at me’ fashion statement, but one that’s achievable without needing to have been born with the catwalk gene. Lunch plans or 6pm cocktails? Retail therapy or just out for a stroll? Regardless of venue or social activity, keep the outfit neutral, add huge, eye-popping jewelry, and you’ll redefine your look in an instant.

Necklaces, bracelets, and rings should resemble over-scaled, sculptural conversation-stoppers. ‘Simplicity’ is a relative concept, so the nearest thing to it here is a sinuous waterfall of chains composed of massive links that fall from high-neck to mid-chest. Warrior queen, bib-style body armor is set with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS so large as to be certain of deflecting arrows of any size. Enormous crystals form exaggerated floral motifs in a kaleidoscope of colors in cascading waist-length necklaces, wrists are wrapped in dazzling cuffs and bracelets, and ornate rings are worn in clusters, like knuckle-dusters. ‘Take the High Road’ offers the opulent detailing of the pieces in thrilling close-up that will, quite simply, take your breath away.

Be inspired by—luxurious, stylish, and fun, and guaranteed to stop the traffic.

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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