Potent pieces from an Italian master craftsman

Marco Mencagli is the gifted alchemist behind the bold handcrafted jewelry brand, Marmèn, characterized by geometric, graphic shapes, and funky themes.

Raised in Arezzo, Italy, Marco was exposed to the family tradition of jewelry craftsmanship from an early age. Surely, then, it was written in the Tuscan stars that he’d follow in his family’s footsteps?

“Well, I worked at my father’s goldsmith business every summer, but then I broke away to study Business & Economics before eventually coming back to designing. While I’d always made pieces for friends, I never thought my career would be as a jewelry designer—now I can’t imagine any other life.”

Leaving Italy to train in New York gave Mencagli the perspective he needed to establish his signature style, a meld of classical and modern aesthetics resulting in distinctive statement pieces. Silver studs, deerskin leather, and mosaics of crystals feature alongside spiders, snakes, scorpions, and skull motifs, ensuring that Marmèn is regularly showcased in top titles such as Elle and Vogue.

Back in his studio, he lights up when he talks about his birthplace. “Tuscany is so important to me—there are no limits to my creativity here. It’s breathtaking. Around every corner there’s a charming story. I try to combine this sense of beauty with my vision and translate it into all my collections.”

Transforming those concepts into handcrafted finished pieces is always a magic moment for Mencagli. “You can smell the melted wax of the prototypes and hear the rasps transforming raw material into a little sculpture.”

His abiding love of his environs is borne out in the way he selects and applies SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in his work. “The starry summer night sky from my garden inspired my latest collection, so the crystals became shining meteorites dotted within the leather. I always find that SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS give each piece an exquisite elegance.”

Citing his beloved grandmother as his muse, it’s clear she taught her grandson how to count his blessings. “I learnt from her that the simple things in life hold the key to happiness. I do what I love in a beautiful place surrounded by amazing people… This, simply, is my greatest success.”

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