INTERVIEW Igor Chapurin

boundless creativity from Russia’s hottest designer

His stated ambition is to make Russia ‘famous for creativity and style, rather than caviar and vodka’: with the luxury and glamour of his designs, this talented designer is spreading the message fast.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are like a magic wand.

Born in 1968 in Velikiye Luki, Moscow designer Igor Chapurin presented his first collection, To Russia with Love, in 1995 as a fond homage to his homeland. Established in 1998, the multi-award-winning Chapurin Fashion House has branched out into prêt-à-porter, skiwear, furnishings and jewelry, as well as lavish costumes for theatre and Bolshoi Ballet productions. Igor’s use of fur, glitter and ornament gives a Dr Zhivago-style feel to his creations, alongside a modern twist of sharp and structured tailoring.

Chapurin made the time to talk to us in the midst of frenetic preparation for his haute couture collection in Moscow.

On his background…
I come from a strong textiles background: my grandfather was in flax processing, my father was an engineer on a textile enterprise, and my mother was the director of a huge sewing business.

On the creative process…
The people around me drive my creativity, plus art, travel and literature. I was surrounded by books as a child – I still read a lot to get inspiration. I need an empty room, music (from classical to House) and nobody else around. That’s my ideal scenario. But I often get ideas in my car or on an aeroplane.

On partnering with Swarovski…
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are like a magic wand – they inspire me to create feminine, passionate pieces, and their luster makes my products more desirable and adds a mood of celebration.

On his greatest innovation…
I’m really proud of the leather tutu I created for the ballet Cinque in Moscow in 2011. I was so happy when the dancers told me how comfortable they were!

On keeping his integrity intact…
I can’t be fenced off from influences, but I do try to follow my instincts and not take notice of trends. For me, this is the key to keeping a distinct style.

On his favorite places…
I’m always impressed by the sheer scale and pace of life in New York, but I also love Paris and its inimitable taste and style, as well as the city’s architectural masterpieces.

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