Swarovski’s crystal additions push boundaries, but they tap into our emotions, too

Underpinning Swarovski’s achievements is its groundbreaking work at the cutting edge of technological innovation. But it’s not enough to develop new products of dazzling technological superiority – designers and engineers must also find a way to express the prevailing mood.

For Spring/Summer 2013, economic uncertainty brings challenging times, where togetherness, loyalty and traditional values will matter deeply. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS has tapped into these emotions with a color palette of pure simplicity, romantic playfulness and ethnic vibrancy. New colors and effects echo nature’s floral bounty (Rose Peach and Rose Peach Pearl); a Mediterranean sunset (Burgundy-Blue Zircon Blend); woodland at dusk (Fern Green-Topaz Blend); and a new shimmering green-to-violet effect that changes with the light (Crystal Luminous Green). Crystal Vitrail Medium and Crystal Comet Argent Light’s protective lacquer enhances Beads and Pendants. Meanwhile, Crystal Pearls Gemcolors’ richly opaque finish mimics genuine ivory, turquoise, jade, coral and lapis, recalling vintage nostalgia, while brighter colors add panache to ethnic designs. These are available in Crystal Pearls, the Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix, Crystal Pearl Buttons and Crystal Pearl Rivets.

The new versatile Wave Family brings an artistic twist to Flat Back No Hotfix and Hotfix, Bead and Pendant. Reminiscent of the ocean, they suit a whole variety of looks from marine themes to rock ‘n’ roll, and opulent mosaics to fragile, lacy patterns.

That time-honored star performer, the ultra-brilliant XILION cut, has been refined with the new 2038 XILION Rose Hotfix and will be used across the entire Crystaltex assortment, including Transfers. Its new mirror (made of real silver) warms and brightens colors, identifiable by its rose-gold reverse side.

The Fancy Stone category welcomes four newcomers. Rivoli Snowflake Fancy Stone suggests elegant, icy flowers; Rivoli Butterfly Fancy Stone resembles a delicate butterfly in mid-flight; Shell Fancy Stone and Organic Oval Fancy Stone give a nod to Art Deco, a big fashion influence this season, as do two new Beads, Column Bead (one hole) and Column Bead (two holes). They have a unisex elegance that goes well with a flashy centerpiece, yet works brilliantly as a minimalist stand-alone. Crystal Mesh Ball is a perfect combination of a Crystal Pearl covered with sparkling Crystal Mesh, ideal for matching jewelry sets.

The upgraded XILION Bi-Cone Pendant (art. 6328) enjoys an increased number of alternating large and small facets, intensifying light reflection. Also new to this category is the graphic, sporty and unisex look of the futuristic Ellipse Pendant, and the new Dufflecoat Crystal Button, a playful take on the utilitarian dufflecoat toggle,.

Finally, Chessboard is a highly functional new product family of matching cuts in 12 colors that includes the Jeans Button, Crystal Rivet, Snap Fastener and the Decorative Button. It goes wonderfully with unisex sporty looks and also with classic architectural styles, adding a touch of class to accessories and giving textiles a glamorous twist.

Blending technical excellence with high-octane creativity, the Spring/Summer 2013 selection of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is poised to set the world of design on fire.

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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