TREND REPORT Singing the blues

The wild west meets effortless chic in this beautiful collage of denim and crystals, where Midnight Cowboy meets Alexandre Vauthier, David Koma, Naeem Khan and Creatures of the Wind.

The Denim Shooting

Photography by Nick Hudson.

Photographer Nick Hudson aimed for a relaxed, fun and intimate vibe, which shines through in his images. "My inspiration was a southern girl in the late Seventies/early Eighties." Stylist Sarah Cobb described the unlikely pairing of casual denim and glimmering crystals as illustrating “the idea of something as glamorous as Swarovski worn with denim. It makes the crystals feel effortless and accessible—small details worn like simple, minimal jewelry.” Indeed, simplicity was the theme in her mix of denim dresses with gowns, cowboy boots with soft fabrics, sparkling tops with denim jackets, and even customized a pair of jeans with crystals.

“We used only natural light and didn’t retouch at all, thanks to our amazing team who made magic happen on set,” said Fashion Editor Katharina Kowalewski. “Thanks, too, to our fantastic model Anastasia Kolganova—her relaxed look and huge smile were perfection.” 
For a uniquely elegant touch, nail artist Maki Sakamoto used Swarovski Crystal Pixie together with loose crystals on just a few nails so that they seemed random, almost accidental.

Makeup artist Regina Harris opted for a natural look to let the crystals shine out and the clothes speak for themselves, choosing moisturizer with minimal foundation, and natural lips and cheeks. “People think that when they dress up for the evening they need to go for broke with the makeup, when it’s actually better to look natural when you’re wearing a rich outfit,” she explained. She took the opportunity to explore the use of crystals in makeup by incorporating them in the looks she created for the beauty shots; they worked perfectly with Anastasia’s natural freckles, giving her a magical feel. 

Meanwhile, Gavin Harwin went back in time to “teenagers before the era of social media” to gain inspiration for his hairstyles, capturing “the rawness and freedom of expression of youth.”

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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