INTERVIEW Emilie Higle: a fashion industry force with influence

Five years ago, young Parisienne Emilie Higle, who had already clocked up enviable experience in Paris’ couture sector, decided it was time to record her knowledge and experience with a fashion and lifestyle blog (My Little Fashion Diary). Check it out: it’s impressive—and so is she.

Emilie Higle: a fashion industry force with influence

You are French, you travel a lot—but where is home?
Travel is what I like most about my job, but home is Paris. I also spend a lot of time in Luxembourg, where my blog's company is based. 
You’re lucky to be creative in several directions—photography, modeling, writing, brand development, and teaching others how to blog. Is there a “creative gene” in your family?
I’m actually the first in my family to work in a creative industry. I must admit, though, my family still doesn't really understand what my job/blog is all about. Haha! 
What motivated you to start The blogosphere is pretty crowded – how do you ensure that you stay ahead of the crowd?
I started working in fashion in Paris with brands like Chanel; then I moved to Luxembourg (because I fell in love), where I worked in marketing and communications. I was missing the fashion industry, so I started reading fashion blogs, and one day I just thought: "Okay, let's do it." It's true that the blogosphere is crowded now, so it’s really important to be consistent. Quality matters, too: well-designed website, high-quality pictures, and well-written text—and tons of ideas to keep your audience interested. 
The rise of the fashion & style blogger has been meteoric: they’re in the front row during Fashion Week season; they develop capsule collections with well-known brands; they appear in ad campaigns. Do you think bloggers now have the power to drive trends?
Yes, they have. People relate to bloggers—they talk to them as though they are friends, and they trust them. That’s why bloggers are so influential. In fact, we often refer to bloggers as “influencers”: a girl can read a magazine, but when she reads a blog, it’s more interactive—she can actually talk to that blogger, exchange and share. 
Have you had any formal training in photography?
No, but I believe we can be good at what we truly like: I like what I do, so I learn quickly. And thanks to great tutorials on YouTube, whether we want to learn more about graphic design, html code, photography or videography skills, it's so easy. I learned alone on my computer because I was passionate about it. It proves that if we really want to do something, we can do it.
To the outside world, the life of a blogger can seem almost airbrushed. How do you strike a balance between a realistic and a romantic view of the world around you?
I try to be honest with my readers. I know I have to entertain them, but I don't believe in promoting a fake life. The life you see on my blog and social media is actually my life. I have good days and bad days, and I like to share that with my readers. 
We hear that you’re going to be very busy during the Fashion Week season. How do you deal with the pressure to look amazing every day across locations that are also populated by queens of style?
I've been attending Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris for a few years now, so I only feel a little bit pressure these days. I like to surprise my readers, so I stick to a style that suits me, and I add some exciting pieces. I interpret the trends and make them work with my own style. 
How much fun was modeling for the Monnier Frères photoshoot in the south of France?
It was so good! Firstly, because we got to shoot in Monaco’s dreamy locations. Secondly, because the team was great—there was an amazing energy and everyone enjoyed it. It was a bit cold, of course—shooting Spring/Summer in the middle of the winter is never easy, but we managed to get some great pictures, and I’m beyond excited. 
You didn’t go to modeling school, right? It’s very hard for “civilians” to feel natural in front of the camera, so how do you manage to look comfortable?
No, I did not! And to be honest, I still don't feel natural in front of the camera, haha! I’m a little shy, and I don't like posing. I'm way more comfortable walking around and being myself while someone is shooting me. That's what a blog is all about, anyway: a girl next door, a girl people can relate to, a girl who is not posing for Vogue, but is just sharing her style with her readers. 
What was it like working with Monnier Frères and Swarovski for the first time?
It was a great experience. I remember the first necklace and bracelets I bought as a teenager: they were from Swarovski. So being able to work with the brand now, as an adult, is definitely nice. And Monnier Frères, well, I’m a bag lover, and they have such an amazing selection. I spend hours on their website checking out the collections. So it was an honor to collaborate with Swarovski and Monnier Frères on such a cool project.
What’s your opinion of the Monnier Frères collection? Do you have a particular favorite?
I love all the accessories, but I think the headband is my favorite piece. The makeup artist did a great job styling my hair, so it looked amazing.

Photography by Georg Schönwiese.

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