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With Ruby Warrington from ‘The Numinous’

Having trouble deciding between a new pair of shoes and gazing at the new moon? Ruby Warrington says you don’t have to choose. This spiritual sister has been proving that, as her tagline suggests (and to the tune of Madonna’s music), we are living in a mystical world, but it’s OK to be a material girl. She’s the epitome of cool, blending fashion with fortune telling on her site, The Numinous, and recently even launching her own astrology-inspired clothing line with legendary UK department store, Selfridges. She’s a prolific lifestyle writer and alternates between interviewing stars like Lady Gaga or Carey Mulligan and writing about the stars in the sky. We sat down with this famous ‘Mystic Ruby’, who looked deep into her crystal-studded ball to gives us the scoop on what the stars have in store for us in 2016.

Ruby Warrington
Ruby Warrington

What do you dream about?
I love the theory that our soul travels when we're asleep, and that our dreams are the nocturnal adventures of this numinous part of ourselves. Most of my dreams are about work, which either suggests that I'm living my soul mission in my waking life, or that my spirit has a very limited imagination.
You’ve definitely turned your dreams into a reality. Can you share the secret to achieving this seemingly impossible feat?
The only career advice I got from my parents was to "do what make you happy." It’s less hippy-dippy than it sounds, since I've come to believe that we're happiest, or at least the most fulfilled, when we're in some way actively engaged with our life purpose, aka our dreams, or our soul mission. It's likely that this will also see us using our gifts to be of service to the world. The first trick is being able to recognize what makes you truly happy (as opposed to bringing material or financial gains, or satisfying your ego's need for recognition). Then it's a matter of pursuing your dreams—often against all logic and with the odds of ‘success’ in the traditional sense stacked against you!
The dictionary definition of ‘numinous’ is “having a strong religious or spiritual quality …suggesting the presence of a divinity.” Can you explain?
The first definition of the word numinous that I heard was: "that which is unknown or unknowable." I prefer it, because for me spirituality (or divinity) and religion are not the same thing. Using my definition, the word numinous speaks to anything within the realm of human experience that cannot be described with words—the workings of our inner or emotional life. As such, anything that activates or speaks to this part of ourselves, or our spirit, or our individual divinity, can be described as numinous, from meditation or other methods of holistic wellbeing right through to astrology. These experiences cannot be synthesized by machines—they are what make us human.
You’ve been seeing stars (literally) since you launched your popular website, ‘The Numinous’, in 2013, since which you’ve proved that being spiritual can also be chic. Have you noticed a shift in the public perception of all things spiritual? Has mystical become mysticool?
Absolutely! A case in point was Selfridges department store approaching me, as founder of The Numinous, to curate the mystical Christmas grotto—the ‘Astrolounge’—at their Oxford Street flagship store in London. We've filled it with everything from beautiful crystal jewelry to custom-printed T-shirts featuring your astrological birth chart. Brands like Valentino, Chanel, Anya Hindmarch and Charlotte Olympia have all created lines focusing on astrology in 2015.

Can you tell us about any astrological occurrences that we should prepare for in December? (Please tell me that our friend Mercury isn’t planning a retrograde party to coincide with the holidays?)
Venus will be in Scorpio from December 4–29, making for a very sexy holiday season. We'll be drawn to the dark and mysterious stranger in the corner at the Christmas party, and even casual flirtations will carry an emotional intensity. Uranus also goes direct in Aries on Christmas day itself, having been retrograde since July. This could make some explosive outbursts or shock revelations around the dinner table, so perhaps go easy on the alcohol!

…And what about 2016? Anything to be scared or really excited about?
Well, Mercury will indeed be going retrograde on January 5—I predict many returned Christmas gifts! But a Mercury retrograde is nothing to be scared of—see it as an opportunity to re-do or re-vamp any projects that need a little extra attention. I love seeing who comes out of the woodwork (i.e. appears in my Facebook feed) during a Mercury retro period too!

You talk about all aspects of spirituality on your site—everything from numerology to tarot to our own inner psychic powers—which all give us a peek at the future. However, all we hear about is “stay in the present moment.” How can we balance manifesting and horoscopes with mindfulness and living in the present?
I don't see any of these things as tools for fortune telling, since the future is a completely fluid concept to be determined by our actions in the present. When used with integrity and from a place of personal empowerment, all astrology and tarot do is they help us tap more precisely into where (and who) we are right now. From here, we're empowered to take the right action towards creating the best possible future outcomes for ourselves. 
What’s your recommendation for anyone who wants to be more mystical, but doesn’t know where to start?
Having your birth chart done and getting an in-depth reading from a talented and empowering astrologer is a great place to start. After all, we all love hearing about ourselves, and once we begin to see ourselves as children of a benevolent and loving cosmos, the Universe becomes both our oyster and our playground. 
Can you recommend any spiritual rituals we can do as the year closes that will throw out the old and bring in the new?
Here's an old Pagan ritual that's great to do with a group on the winter solstice (December 21, the shortest day of the year). Write down on a piece of paper anything from the previous year that you want to say goodbye to. Burn it. On another piece of paper, write down what you want to manifest in the coming year. Bury it. You can share your wishes as a group if you like or keep them close to your chest (heart chakra).
What does numerology have to say about 2016? What do these numbers mean for the year to come?
I'm not an expert in numerology, but we're heading into a ‘9 Universal Year’. Since this signifies the end of a cycle (numerology works with numbers 1-9), we can expect a year of endings, resulting in new beginnings. Expect to do some spiritual ‘cleaning house’, and to work out any lingering karma that's stopping you moving forward with your dreams.

Who are your mysticool icons?
So many! She divides opinion, but Miley Cyrus begins each day with a dedicated yoga practice, and I love the fact that she called her charity the ‘Happy Hippie Foundation’. I also interviewed her once, and she's way more intelligent and thoughtful than she appears to be on social media, or anyone gives her credit for.
What has been your most intense ‘numinous’ experience to date?
Too many to choose from… But learning how to recognize and receive ‘psychic’ messages from the spirit world—and that actually we are all psychic—has been pretty mind-blowing.  
Name a few trends in the mystical world that you think we’ll see more of in 2016?
The tarot is really having a mysticool moment with so many beautiful new decks luring novice readers to try their hand at working with the cards. I also believe that more people will be drawn to mystical and holistic healing experiences, as healthier lifestyle choices (juicing, yoga, and the like) foster a deeper connection to what's going on inside and bring emotional baggage to the surface to be healed. 
What do the stars have in store for you and your Numinous empire in 2016?
I'm delivering the manuscript for a book in the spring that will be published by Harper Collins in early 2017. Beyond that, I’ll be launching an online store and creating lots more ‘Numinous Presents’ events for people to experience all things Numinous in real time!

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