A cross-cultural style statement

Fashion is an undoubted barometer of the mood of an era, reflecting the zeitgeist with unerring accuracy. With this in mind, consider the boundary-bending trend that’s currently making the style news: ‘East meets West’. The new mood is mirrored in a gorgeous assortment of crystals that combines the most beautiful aspects of two contrasting cultures—a clear indicator of digital overload.

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You’ll recognize the new vibe by its dazzling mash-up of sacred iconography, ancient symbols and cosmic references—all with cutting-edge finishes and effects. It’s a look that loves authenticity and purity, but it wants to rock, too: nothing captures this merging of East and West more spectacularly than this assortment of loose crystals from Swarovski (pictured): traditional shapes borrowed from the East are merged with color palettes taken from the West. Shades of burnished gold, shimmering silver, intense yellow and delicate lavender recall Western landscapes in crystals that are reminiscent of Eastern symbolism. The range of loose crystals includes the Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, based on the ‘Hamsa Hand’ of ancient Mesopotamia with five fingers said to protect against evil; the Buddha Fancy Stone, with its sense of tranquility; and the complex Greek Cross Fancy Stone, an ancient religious symbol with roots in Hindu, Central Asian, Celtic and Mexican cultures. Look out, too, for spheres of yellow and gold dégradées that hint at the rising sun, together with infinity symbols, hearts, the moon and the stars, alongside the cooler tones and geometric shapes reminiscent of Western architecture—all interpreted in a sparkling crystal assortment that’s perfectly on-trend for eclectic jewelry and accessories.

But don’t just take it from us—why not experiment yourself? Do it the easy way: download the Swarovski Crystal Collection App for free, and go straight to the crystals you’re looking for and select the shapes, cuts and sizes you want. Then be as imaginative as you like and create your own selection from a stunning array of East-meets-West stones. Be inspired!

Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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