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Fashion Weeks

Face of Africa Fashion Week: August 7–8, 2015, London Olympia
Africa Fashion Week London is the biggest African and African-inspired fashion event in Europe. ‘Face of AFWL’ is its flagship competition, giving the winner the chance to work with and learn from industry professionals. The goal is to provide designers with a global platform to increase visibility and awareness of participating designers.

African Fashion Week Toronto: August 13–16, 2015
Established by the Fashion Ready Foundation in 2012, this event showcases local, national and international designers by providing a progressive environment in which to promote their work.

Summer Sports

Windsurfing Festival in Essaouira: All Summer Long! Morocco
A combination of surfing and sailing, windsurfing allows you to feel the exhilarating power of the wind in your hands. There's no more beautiful and historic location than Essaouira on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Formerly called Mogodar, the Romans used to source the purple dye for their senatorial togas from the famous purple shells from an nearby off-shore island.

Music Festivals

All Tomorrow's Parties: June 2–4, 2015, Iceland
Highlights include Iggy Pop, Belle & Sebastian and Public Enemy.
Described as “the ultimate mix tape", All Tomorrow's Parties is a boutique festival that goes against the grain of the larger, more commercial music festivals (quality and customer experience comes first). It offers award-winning sound and acclaimed organization. Since 2000, it has spread its ethos of uniquely intimate and eclectic events throughout the UK, Spain, Australia, Japan and the USA.

Fuji Rock Festival: July 24–26, 2015, Niigata, Japan
Highlights include FKA Twigs, Muse and Foo Fighters.
With seven main stages and various minor stages, and the best talent in the music industry, Fuji Rock Festival is truly a gathering of tribes from across the globe. Breathtaking mountains clothed in fog give the scene an atmospheric quality impossible to find anywhere else.

Sziget: August 10–17, 2015, Budapest, Hungary
Highlights includes authentic Roma music, Gogol Bordello, Leningrad and Florence and the Machine.
Sziget Festival is notable for hosting acts from many different genres: a blues stage, jazz tent and world music stage, alongside a main stage offering more typical popular rock acts. Located on an island, some festival-goers have tried to gain entry by swimming across the Danube or paddling there in an inflatable raft. The organizers discourage these attempts, claiming that it has never worked, and that it’s dangerous due to the fast-flowing river.

Art Fair

Istanbul's 14th Biennial: September 5–November 1, 2015
Saltwater: a Theory of Thought Forms
On the Anatolian side of the Marmara Sea, facing the Princes’ Islands to the South and Old Istanbul to the West, this area has been inhabited continuously for over 7,000 years since prehistoric times.

Cultural Festivals

Gion Matsuri: July 1–31, 2015, Kyoto, Japan
Long after the spring Sakura blossoms have come and gone, Kyoto’s Gion district—the most exclusive of the city’s Geisha districts—erupts in a vibrant display of culture with an ancient purification festival involving floating museums and costumes.

Panafest: July 22–August 1, 2015, Cape Coast, Ghana
African descendants gather in Ghana to reflect on what it means to be pan-African, to visit its painful history of slavery, and to celebrate music and performance.

Madonna della Luce: August 13–14, 2015, Cefalu, Sicily
Sicilians just love to celebrate—any reason will do. Madonna della Luce is a nighttime boat procession off the coast of Kalura to the old harbor, with candles lighting the way.

Roswell UFO Festival: July 3–4, 2015, Roswell, New Mexico
Both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike flock to the site of the 1947 Roswell Incident to celebrate the unknown and enjoy some quirky fun. It’s a costume contest, planetarium show, alien chase, and 4th of July fireworks extravaganza!

Wife Carrying World Championships: July 3–4, 2015, Sankajarvi, Finland
In the old days, young men would go to nearby villages, steal other men’s wives (often carried away on their backs) and then force them into marriage. These days, the ladies are willing participants in the competition and gladly volunteer to be carried!

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