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If there’s a single thing that can change how a woman feels about herself, it is lingerie. From transforming a silhouette or offering a teasing glimpse of what lies beneath, to the exquisitely secret touch of delicate fabric against skin, beautifully made lingerie celebrates the myriad facets of female sexuality.

There was a time when we associated the finest intimate apparel with French design (the word ‘lingerie’ comes from linge, French for ‘linen’). However, China is fast becoming a star in the world of high-end underwear and swimwear, with La Clover—named with a nod to French chic—the hottest label to wear next your skin.

La Clover describes its signature style as “wearable art”, a look it achieves through a unique marriage of lustrous fabrics, crystal embellishments and masterful cutting. “Clever patterning, palette and structure are essential,” they tell us, “but what sets our garments apart is the brilliant crystallized designs. It’s what makes La Clover so elegant and sexy.”

The swimwear collection, in particular, is finding its way onto summer’s must-have list, one of the most desirable pieces being the jeweled bikini tank top. What makes designs like this one stand out is that it brings together two aspects of femininity that often remain separate: healthy sportiness and glamour. La Clover has made the design fresher and sexier through the use of crystals and tropical patterns. Incorporating Swarovski crystals into its swimwear ensures that it glistens and looks luxurious as it catches the sun’s rays on the beach and under water.

Why China is so successful in this sector could be ascribed to the importance the Chinese place on fabulous foundation garments as an integral part of a high-quality, feel-good lifestyle. This love of luxury has certainly made lingerie China’s largest emerging market, and La Clover sees some exciting trends ahead—underwear matched to outerwear, exposed lacy lingerie, and customized pieces are just a few.

Imagining the creative possibilities and admiring its latest collections, it’s hard not to acknowledge La Clover’s health-luxe approach to design as an inspirational style shift—because if you glow with wellbeing on the inside, you’ll radiate beauty on the outside, too.

La Clover
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