by Hugo Boss

The biggest headline-grabber at the Fashion Weeks in New York and London this year wasn’t the blazing new collections on the runways, it was the baby fashionistas in the front rows being bounced up and down on the laps of their celebrity mums and dads. Childrenswear is the hottest news in fashion right now, and it goes well beyond flawlessly groomed Harper Beckham and North West.

Well-dressed tots and their style-savvy parents are setting the fashion world alight, and luxury labels are eagerly responding with especially designed lines just for kids. With the global childrenswear market valued at over $97bn, the business is no child’s play.

Hugo Boss is leading the way with a gorgeous kid-focused collection for Spring/Summer 2015 inspired by the landscapes and cultures of West Africa. Founded in Germany in 1923, Hugo Boss has been producing pint-sized perfection for their littlest customers for the last six years. Staying true to the Boss philosophy, its childrenswear perfectly balances contemporary urban living with a laidback resort style. This dichotomy is reflected in the new collection, which is divided into City and Leisure.

Swarovski has partnered with Hugo Boss to scatter stardust on the nature-inspired creations. The stunning centerpiece of the City collection for girls evokes a clear, night sky above the wide-open savannah. Made from midnight blue poplin, a constellation of glittering Swarovski crystals dances effortlessly across the floaty sleeveless dress. Matching Swarovski crystal-encrusted ballet flats in the same color make either a dazzling accompaniment or standout statement item.

Hugo Boss recognizes that every child has a unique personality and wears clothes in his or her own way, which is why each season it releases ranges that span premium, casual and sport looks. The Spring/Summer 2015 collection expertly weaves together these looks under an African sky. For boys, the line layers tones of blues drawn from the rippling Atlantic Ocean with splashes of tribal purple topped off with a snappy charcoal blazer. For girls, sunset mangos and pinks are paired with lush tropical motifs and botanical prints and, as with the Swarovski crystal dress, a careful attention to detail.

All this is making it easy for that increasingly in-demand and rapidly growing profession—the personal stylist for children.

HUGO BOSS Kids with Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Crystals Magazine #01 - Everyday Extraordinary

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