Deluxe Workouts at Klay Club, Paris

Deluxe Workouts at Klay Club, Paris
What if going to the gym were more akin to going to a club? That's the idea behind one particular exclusive and luxurious gym, a veritable jewel box, in the heart of Paris. Offering a spa and an aqua gym, plus dynamic yoga classes more fitness-oriented than traditional, Klay Club will push you without you even noticing just how great a workout you're getting. With personal trainers roaming the weights room ready to put you on the right track, you'll sweat with the best of them and leave looking fresh-faced and ready for a night on the town.


Ever get tired of the same old routine? Don't let that keep you from getting your move on. Try something new that will invigorate your mind and challenge your muscles—perhaps even introduce you to muscles you didn't even know you had! Take a friend to tag along or strike out on your own. The new frontier of fitness has never looked so diverse and so kick-ass.

Deluxe Workouts at Klay Club, Paris

Barre exercise
Barre-based classes are cropping up everywhere lately, but this is no déja vu from ballet class as a kid. Barre exercise uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet, sure, but also other practices like yoga and Pilates. The barre is used as a prop for balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small movements. To get that sleek dancer body we all secretly envy, there’s no better exercise.

Deluxe Workouts at Klay Club, Paris

Built around the philosophy of core strength, CrossFit combines many singular sports in a hybrid of activity that will keep you on your toes, mentally and physically. Working all the muscles of your body, this new trend is gaining converts daily. For a busy girl, the sheer intensity of the workout maximizes your time and shows the results sooner than you'd think.

Deluxe Workouts at Klay Club, Paris

Boot camps
Sometimes called ‘circuit training’, boot camps are increasingly popular among urban professionals who need a break from the grind and the grid to get in touch with their inner Spartan. Taken very seriously by some, the competition is still strictly between you and yourself. You can choose the course—kick your own ass on a weekend-long military style stint or have fun climbing ropes and burning off last night's revelry.

Standup paddle boarding
A sport that originated in Hawaii as an offshoot of surfing, its original purpose was to island hop, solo-style. A great workout to tone your arms and hone your balance, this gentle sister of surfing is a perfect way to enjoy the swells while staying on your two feet.

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