for Spring/Summer 2016

What crystals will be lighting up our lives come Spring/Summer 2016? Swarovski’s eye is always on the horizon, so we can tell you now that this time next year, the focus will be on mankind’s quest for happiness, strength, hope and fulfillment—and how we visually express these desires. Historically, symbols have long had special cultural significance, and today is no different—think of emoji, tiny symbols that have crossed language barriers to become universally accepted expressions of emotion. So, let’s look at how Swarovski has translated this idea into four themes for Spring/Summer 2016 with corresponding crystal innovations.

The Blossoming of Happiness (Classic)
A beautiful metaphor for renewal, spring is reflected in a dreamy new color addition to the season’s pastel palette: Blush Rose. Origami-inspired effects are set to play a key role in designs, with various crystal shapes and sizes mirroring the anatomy of flowers; the new Clover Fancy Stone, with its talismanic associations, is a perfect illustration of these nature-inspired patterns.

The Nature of Strength (Progressive)
Sportswear is a strong symbol of social cohesion, and Spring/Summer 2016 sees creative sporty combinations of synthetic materials and crystals with streamlined shapes that allow ease and comfort. Crystal decoration is ergonomic and smooth to suit active lifestyles. The new rectangular Emerald Cut Bead in five powdery Crystal Pastel Pearls effects gives a sense of movement and modern confidence to sports-luxe looks.

The Mythology of Hope (Romantic)
Ethereal and playful, feminine and powerful, ancient Greek goddesses and folkloric creatures are this season’s inspiration for romantic designs decorated with crystal stars, crescent moons and crystal pearls. This airiness is captured in washed-out opalescent tones characterized by five new Crystal Lacquer effects, while the trend towards ‘less is more’ is summed up in the feminine Pure Drop Pendant (half hole) and edgy Twisted Drop Pendant (half hole).

The Power of Belief (Glamour)
Jewel-colored iconography gives opulence to modern-day spiritual symbols with two new effects: Crystal Metallic Sunshine’s burnished gold and Crystal Light Chrome’s shimmering silver. Harking back to ancient cultures, the new Fatima Hand Fancy Stone, Buddha Fancy Stone (and Buddha Pendant), and the complex Greek Cross Fancy Stone (and Greek Cross pendant) link modernism with tradition, creating glamorous cross-cultural style statements.

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