at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

British supermodel Lily Donaldson, 27, who has graced glossy magazine covers from one side of the planet to the other, was reincarnated as an Angel some five years ago. This year, as the show makes its debut in her hometown of London, Donaldson has been chosen to walk the runway in ‘the Swarovski look’, a crystal-encrusted fairytale fantasy designed by couturier Serkan Curan. We tracked her down at an exclusive fitting in New York City to see how she felt in the run up to the show.

You’ll be wearing a sparkling outfit with over 150,000 crystals—can you tell us more about these fittings? How long in advance do they start? Are they heavy?
The fittings with Victoria’s Secret creative director Sophia Neophitou and executive producer Monica Mitro are really fun, because it’s the first time we get to see our outfits. It was exciting to try the Swarovski look, and even though it has over 150,000 crystals it feels surprisingly light. I think that comes down to the great design that Serkan Cura came up with—it's a very special piece.

How do you prepare for the show, mentally and physically?
It’s a really great incentive to work on feeling your best. I like Pilates, boxing and swimming. I try to just have fun with it all.

How do you feel during the show—do you sometimes get nervous?
Sometimes, but I think that’s more to do with adrenaline and excitement. There’s so much going on in the days running up to the show that there’s not really time for nervousness.

What’s your perfect night out? Which are your favorite places to eat in the world?
Having dinner with friends and then a spontaneous dance party do it for me. The best nights are when you least expect them.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What would you do if you weren’t a model?
I really love to travel and I spend a lot of time on the road exploring. I take photographs and enjoy experiencing different cultures. I always make sure to visit museums in any new city. And I paint when I’m home in New York.

Do you have any beauty secrets you can share with us?
Coconut oil: it’s my new favorite make-up remover as well as moisturizer. If you need to travel light, you can just take that and your toothbrush!

Songs that make you dance all night?
Anything by Rihanna.

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