Uno de 50

Snapped up by celebrity fans all over the world, the pieces take wearers from low-key beach chic to boho sophistication, secure in the knowledge that their jewelry has a rare signature style.



UNOde50’s emblem is a tiny handcrafted padlock—the perfect embodiment of the maverick brand’s innovative philosophy. Founded in Madrid in the late Nineties by a group of like-minded artists, UNOde50’s raison d’être was to create must-have pieces in limited numbers—50, in fact. Their passion, craftsmanship and funky, iconic designs soon translated into unqualified success.

We caught up with Jose Azulay, the proud proprietor of this mold-breaking brand.

When did your involvement with UNOde50 begin?

The first time I saw a UNOde50 piece, I was totally inspired by its authentic, distinctive style. That’s ultimately what led me to buy the company in 1999.

Tell us what makes an UNOde50 piece so distinctive and special.

Everything from the initial sketch to the finished item takes place at our workshops in Madrid. Each piece is created using a process that is unique in today’s jewelry world: we use a metal alloy, which gives a very particular type of handmade finish. Once crafted, the pieces are silver-plated and then assembled in combination with leather, Swarovski crystals, resins, pearls, and more.

How big is the design team?

There are currently six expert creatives at work, all adding their own highly individual touch, but always in line with the brand’s values: originality, daring, detail, craftsmanship, quality.

When did Swarovski crystals first feature in your designs?

We presented our first piece featuring Swarovski crystals—an oversized square-shaped ring—in 2009. It formed the centerpiece of our advertising campaign and quickly became that year’s bestseller. We’re thrilled to have found a way to incorporate crystal into our designs without losing the brand’s strong identity.

UNOde50’s trademark is its spirit of rebellion, so how do you deal with competitive global trends?

By remaining faithful to the brand’s values and adapting to trends without sacrificing our style—this way, the public recognizes what we do as unique.

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