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Estela Geromini

"Intense, imaginative, confident and sophisticated." This is how Estela defines her jewelry brand. For over ten years she has been creating breathtaking jewelry pieces with a passion that runs deep.

Estela Geromini — Gibraltar Grafite Estela Geromini — Calo Grafite

Estela Geromini is a name known by most Brazilian women as the destination for acquiring unique and original jewelry, but it all started by chance when Estela arrived in São Paolo looking for a job in PR or advertising. During that challenging period, she went back to what she loved most as a child: designing jewelry. Her pieces for friends soon became a collection, and her small apartment a watering hole for Brazil's fashion cognoscenti.

Today her design process has taken off in a big way. "We purchased a 3D printer six months ago to do the prototypes, and it now runs 24/7," she laughs. The pieces are handcrafted in her ateliers by increasing numbers of dedicated artists, with Swarovski crystals at the heart of each design. "I always make sure to incorporate the latest colors and shapes that are just being released in Brazil. I want to be the first to use them," she says. "I love Trilliant Dark Moss and the new launch color, Tangerine. But my all-time favorite crystals are Silver Shade drops. We choose the crystals we love first, and the collection evolves around them." For the upcoming season, she has reinvented the gypsy trend and given it her own twist with a touch of Brazilian heritage. "I think Brazilian designers have happiness and tropicalismo in their creations," she says with a touch of pride.

Having started her career making simple jewelry, Estela Geromini now creates true pieces of art that have become bigger and bigger over time, statement jewelry seeming to be more than just a trend for her. Yet these bold statements appeal to a lot more than just a small demographic: "We have such a wide range of customers—women from 25 to 70." In the future, she’d like to expand her brand and target a more international market. "We’d like to go into ethnic fashion a little more—lots of crystals, pearls and color." With her trademark vivid colors and bold, untraditional shapes, her designs encapsulate pure, unalloyed Brazilian joy—in fact, a perfect representation of the brand.

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