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Katharina Kowalewski

Katharina Kowalewski: Editor and Creative Direction
Plays between the worlds of film and fashion. Her résumé includes collaborations with global brands as well as Vogue, Oyster and Interview. She combines experience with fresh creativity and her focus is always on quality and style.

Sonny Vandevelde: Photographer
Believes fashion should be fun. Distinctively quirky himself, he shoots fashion shows around the globe. His images regularly appear in titles such as New York Times, V magazine, Grazia, Vogue and Harper's. When he is not jet setting between Paris, Milan and New York, Sonny surfs.

Matthias Last: Design
Good design is structured, elegant, unique and always delivers a surprise. Matthias Last makes managing this delicate balance seem effortless. He won the “World’s Best Designed Newspaper Award”, maybe because he knows how to add his love for fashion to every support.

Danaja Vegelj: Stylist
Loves to dress others. With a background in PR and fashion journalism, her intimate understanding of fashion is a unique combination of both retail and creative experience. She has worked as a stylist, fashion journalist and editor.

Nadia Szold: Contributing Editor
Directing and producing since she was 17, Nadia Szold is an award-winning filmmaker whose first feature, Joy de V., is coming out this fall with her second, Mariah, hot on its heels. She is also a writer and frequent contributor to the magazine 1985.

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