Loving on the edge

What is love? A butterfly feeling in the stomach; sudden awareness of a shoulder to lean on; trust demonstrated by a simple pair of rings; a promise of something that will last? Or perhaps a white wedding?

New York-based designer Vera Wang has a long history of bending the rules governing traditional white weddings. Her world consists of silk and satin, leather and lace, simultaneously subtle and edgy. It’s a story of rediscovered simplicity, savage beauty, bewitching detail, and rebels in white. A story about the future.

I do…do you?
After opening her first bridal salon at the Carlyle Hotel on New York’s Madison Avenue in 1990, Vera Wang became the go-to designer for those in search of couture, yet wearable, bridal gowns. Carrie Bradshaw, the star of the HBO cult series Sex and the City, almost said “I do” wearing Wang’s dream-like feathered gown. Many actually did: Victoria Beckham, Ivanka Trump, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Clinton and Lily Aldridge all walked down the aisle wearing unique creations from this house that never ceases to impress with its uniquely high-concept approach.

For the love of fashion
Vera Wang’s studio on 26th East Street has been buzzing with artistry for more than twenty years—this is where the designer herself creates what later turns into trends. Apart from ready-to-wear collections, Vera is known for elegant and sophisticated cocktail dresses, as well as signature jewelry pieces made with Swarovski crystals. Distinguished by her penchant for expressing haute couture in wearable materials, Vera Wang creations are never over-decorated or overdesigned: through her collections, the designer tells the story of modern femininity—subtle, yet cool and unexpected.

‘Delicate and Disciplined’
Vera Wang has held pole position among couture wedding ateliers for over twenty years, but her forthcoming 2015 bridal collection almost feels like the beginning of a new era. The designs, introduced via a short film by Vera and director Gordon von Stein, demonstrate a fresh take on tradition. Entitled Chasing Alix, it’s a unique visual tour of the collection, which surprises with its rebellious attitude, immaculate detailing, and one-of a kind design aesthetic that have become the hallmark of the house. “The opportunity to create a visual and expressive experience of the clothes is a whole new way of communicating not only with brides, but with women everywhere. In this instance, bridal wear becomes the artistic vehicle to advance my love of fashion in general,” says Vera.

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