Preparing for The Big Day, there always comes that what to do with my hair? moment. For advice, we meet Paris-based hair accessory designer, Valérie Valentine, to talk the latest bridal trends.

INTERVIEW Valérie Valentine

Heavenly hair accessories

Valérie Valentine’s boutique is in Le Marais, Paris, close to the legendary Place des Vosges. Inside, we find her surrounded by all things sparkling, from crystal curtains to her bijoux de tête hair jewelry. Even the designer herself seems to shine from within. This is clearly the go-to destination for future brides looking for that extra sparkle on their wedding day.

“There was a time when brides used a lot of hairspray to create a rather unnatural hairdo,” explains Valérie. Today, most brides opt for a delicate hair accessory, such as a hairband with crystal mesh, which they take to the hairdresser, who tucks in their hair for a natural look, as if the bride has done it herself. “It’s hard to say what fits a bride—she has to try it out for herself.“ Some arrive with their wedding dresses to see Valérie, while others bring photos. Either way, she enjoys using white flowers—either large silk ones in a band, or smaller flowers for open, wavy hair on brides wearing their hair down.

Of note is that each design at Valérie Valentine involves a leather base. “It’s my heritage—I come from a maroquinerie, where I designed using leather. In fact, everyone who works in my atelier has been trained in leather.“ Thereafter, she adds Swarovski crystals.

The design process is tactile—there are no drawings to speak of. She has a clear vision, and to execute it, she needs to be in direct contact with the materials. “What comes out of this process is usually better than I imagined,” she says. This statement is indicative of her positive outlook, which is infused into her work. Valérie Valentine, who wanted to be a rock star in her youth, now lives life contentedly, creating beautiful crowning accessories for brides-to-be, infused with happiness and optimism.

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