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We asked couples to share memorable wedding moments and wedding tips. Enjoy their stories!

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Marry the man you cannot live without.

What is love for you?
“Love is waking up in the morning to find an arm holding you close.“ Jan Owen
“True love is loving an imperfect person perfectly.” Misty Blevins
“Life begins with love.” Mulan An
“Love for me is like a mother—nurturing and comforting, endlessly selfless, patient and pure, generous and kind, and not asking for anything in return.” Grace Vivian
“Love is having a partner who is with you when the world is your oyster; and when the world is showing you nothing but lemons, they smilingly turn them into lemonade.” Nancy M. Walcutt

Love is truly among the greatest gifts of life.

How did he propose?
“Completely out of the blue after twelve years together, on top of the Empire State Building during a trip to New York.” Sarah Pope
“On our anniversary, with a ring won at the amusement park that day, at our special place—a fairy bridge by the sea. I wore that plastic ring until I got the real one. It's still in my cupboard!” Victoria and Marcus
“I was an air hostess working on a flight to Los Angeles. When I arrived at the airport with the crew, my boyfriend was standing there in a suit with a placard with my name on it, which he flipped over and it read 'Will you marry me?' I said yes, and we drove off on his motorbike to the crews hotel.” Yvonne Lynch

The place you met…a romantic trip…or a holiday. Make sure it’s a surprise.

Your best wedding moment?
“The moment my groom saw me for the first time wearing the white dress.” Reem Fawzy
“The race on the beach after the ceremony!” Yann Gomez Dufour
“After almost everyone had left the wedding reception, we danced for what felt like hours. Our feet were swollen and we were so tired, but that didn't matter. We were so happy to be a married couple. Enjoying every moment with the love of my life, it felt like it was just the two of us. A magical memory that will stay in my heart forever.” Loris Ayoub
“On my wedding day, my grandparents celebrated their fifty-year Golden Jubilee. My wedding took place at the same location as theirs fifty years previously—Santa Maria de Belém do Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, an impressive church in Lisbon. When the time came to exchange our vows, my grandparents surprised us by coming down the aisle to renew theirs, so it became a celebration of two unions! To me, my grandparents are the greatest example of love between two people, giving proper meaning to the word ‘marriage.’ Sharing that moment was magical, awash with tears of love and deep meaning. Fifty years from now, my fiancé and I will return there to renew our vows!” Ana Oliveira

The most beautiful day in a couple’s life, packed with emotion and remembered for years.

“Something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new.” Marlies Mols
“Marry the man you cannot live without.” Grace Vivian
“Keep Calm and Sparkle with Swarovski.” Nadiya Jewls
“Make sure he's your best friend and #1 in your heart. It's the sparkle in your souls that will remain!” Janet Fisher Cobb

Or, in the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Photography by Sonny Vandevelde.

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