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Delicate princess

Among 2014’s most outstanding bridal collections were the Ersa Atelier designs created by two sisters from Bucharest, Gabriela and Cristina Antonescu. Each piece is handcrafted and immortalized through its uniqueness, its simplicity and sophistication, perfectly capturing the dreams and desires of today’s brides. We asked the power duo about their design process.

As sisters, how do you work together?
Most of the time we complement each other. Our strong personalities and views can lead to arguments, so the creative process can sometimes become difficult, but that’s an advantage, because a clash of ideas usually turns into unique masterpieces that express the originality of our style.

What does love mean to you?
Love completes our creations, driven by the passion that we have for our work. You can feel the love we put into each dress the very moment you wear it.

What do brides love most in your designs? What is their favorite dress?
The ‘princess style’ is the bestselling design at Ersa Atelier. The feel and touch of the dress perfectly describes the style. We all want to feel like a princess at that special moment, don’t we?

All your dresses have women’s names—are they named after famous brides?
The names are strong personalities in history, queens who have ruled in various countries. They’re powerful with feminine styles that inspire us, which we then combine with modern trends.

What materials do you use for your wedding dresses?
Ersa dresses are made of French lace of the highest quality, silk taffeta and organza. All the fabrics perfectly complement one another. Not only is the look spectacular, the feeling is memorable.

Ersa Atelier uses a lot of Swarovski crystals—which are your favorites?
All Swarovski crystals fascinate us, but we have to integrate the elements that best suit our story and character. The most commonly used are crystal pearls, beads, cupchains and findings.

When do you use Swarovski crystals—towards the end of a design as a finishing touch, or right from the start?
It’s not a final touch—stone application is done at the same time as the design. We integrate them into the concept, because they define the personality of the gown. We manually apply the Swarovski crystals to the corset and the belt—because it’s made by hand very carefully, this technique is not fast, but the result turns the dress into a dream piece.

And how do you design for different body shapes? What is especially flattering?
The accent should focus on the key features of the body. We always like to highlight the waist with special motifs on the belt.

What jewelry, handbag or shoes go well with your dresses?
An Ersa dress is a gem in itself. The hand embroidery with Swarovski crystals fully accessorizes it, and additional jewelry isn’t necessary.

You are based in Bucharest. Please tell us more about your hometown and wedding traditions.
In Romania, the wedding is more than a party—it’s a concept, a reflection of lives and lifestyle. We start planning the event over a year in advance, and everyone aims for originality. That’s where we step in!

What is your biggest dream?
Our dream is that brides all over the world would choose Ersa dresses for the most important occasion of their lives. We want to reflect different nationalities, but focus on personality, and our goal is to keep our distinctive look and be recognizable in this ocean of styles.

Esra Atelier Wedding Dress
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