Jewelry Style Viktor&Rolf's new collection

takes jewelry to the edge

Avant-garde Dutch design duo Viktor&Rolf (Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren) have been lending their distinctive and subversive art-couture genius to the fashion world since 1993. Now they’ve embarked on a daring new collaboration with Atelier Swarovski. Unveiled at their Fall/Winter 2014 ready-to-wear show in Paris, it’s a game-changing jewelry collection displaying all the hallmarks that have come to define this couturier’s couturier: conceptual glamour, rebellious sophistication, and unexpected elegance. Striking graphic style works hand in hand with startling contrast, with glittering crystal coated in velvet flocking—an exceptional technical innovation that breaks new ground in fashion jewelry.

Featuring bold cuffs, chokers, and rings in Viktor&Rolf’s trademark gray and matte black, the collection features two jewelry lines: one bears a name that harks back to an age when any rock star worth his Gibson Flying V guitar swung out of art school looking for the future sound of style: ‘Velvet Rock’. “By juxtaposing sparkling and velvet-covered crystals we emphasize their brilliance and add a touch of surreal glamour,” explain the designers. The second jewelry line is ‘Frozen Crystal’, which makes a more restrained statement as it contrasts matte and sparkling crystal stones in Black Diamond and Jet. It’s a fascinating meditation on monochrome and texture, and it’s reminiscent of the duo’s new Parisian flagship boutique, an unflinchingly high-concept environment rendered entirely in gray felt. This is pure, vintage Viktor&Rolf: “Putting crystals on the edge and giving them an air of mystery”.

Atelier Swarovski by Viktor&Rolf will be available in selected Swarovski stores and independent retailers worldwide from September.

Photography by Dan Lecca (Catwalk) and Jason Lloyd-Evans (Backstage).

Viktor&Rolf’s new collection takes jewelry to the edge
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