INTERVIEW Daniele Carlotta

Strong fashion statements salute womanhood

Twenty-nine-year-old whizz-kid designer Daniele Carlotta creates dramatically feminine and sensual pieces from rich materials, complete with exquisite glittering embellishments. Son of famous Sicilian fine fabrics merchants, Signora Della Seta, Carlotta’s prêt-a-porter vision is characterized by his passion for perfect silhouettes using muslin, organza, chiffon, silks, and embroideries, marrying strong structuring with sheer elements. We needed to try and get inside his vivid imagination.

Daniele Carlotta
Swarovski’s irresistible appeal is that it brings a garment closer to the concept of a jewel.

How did you get started?
In 2005, I opened my own atelier and founded my brand. Then Dolce & Gabbana asked me to work on the ‘Spiga 2’ project in 2011.

What feeds your design brain?
My collections are heavily influenced by themes that are dear to my homeland, to which I feel inextricably linked. I was born in Modica, in the south of Sicily, where my family had a tailoring business. I learnt the trade within the four walls of my home, taking my first steps among patterns and scraps of fabric. I’m curious by nature, so I also draw inspiration from what I read, the music I listen to, the movies I see, or moments that I want to ‘crystallize’ in time.

How does Swarovski feature in your creations?
As a good Sicilian, I love the tradition of embroidery and I want to integrate it in my collections. It’s an important heritage and a way to further embellish outfits that are created to be unique. Swarovski’s irresistible appeal is that it brings a garment closer to the concept of a jewel.

Describe your design process.
I begin with the shape, and then I pick out the places where I want to create points of light. Sometimes I fall in love with an embroidery concept and try to contextualize it in my creations.

What is it about crystal that appeals to you?
For me, it recalls the folklore of Sicily’s numerous festivals.

Any other career path you may have gone down?
I’d definitely have been drawn to music—my brother is an excellent musician and I love to DJ.

Visit Daniele's website to find out where to buy his sicilian-style collection!

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