TREND REPORT The breath-taking brilliance

of Yiqing Yin

With the memory of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS’ 2012 global advertising campaign still vivid, thanks to the sculptural skills of acclaimed young Franco-Australian-Chinese couturier Yiqing Yin, the company couldn’t have been happier to be further entwined in her story—it supported her Paris couture show.

Crystal to me is a very fascinating product to work with. It provides infinite possibilities for creation.

It is January 23, 2013, a much-anticipated moment for the fashion world. Yiqing Yin’s couture and ready-to-wear lines hit the Paris catwalk. There's a collective intake of breath, a violent hush, before an ethereal serenity fills the room.

The influence of Naum Gabo—seminal Russian artist and architect, and pioneer of Constructivist and Kinetic sculpture—is clear. Using an approach similar to that employed by Gabo on his strung sculptures, Yin explores space without filling it. Her superbly crafted pieces use line to deconstruct solid forms, to introduce movement, and create a rhythmic grace.

Models in strong monochromes recede behind a shimmering veil of threads interwoven with metallic bandages sculpted by artist Nora Renaud in collaboration with Yiqing Yin. Finely wrought cobwebs slide and snag, yarns are pulled and laddered, and fringing shivers with an intangible strength. Blood red ropes rust into curiously knotted forms, while silken veins pulse and icy trails of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS glitter as they slip and swirl over skin.

‘After a storm, comes calm’: the translation of her name couldn’t be more apt. Yiqing Yin’s work perfectly encapsulates the complementary dualities of yin-yang with pieces that balance force and fragility. Softness and structure, textile and metal, flesh and fabric, freedom and control—each is a part of the whole.

Embroidery thread may be everything and everywhere in her latest collection, but whether pulled taut, hung, or draped, it follows a very clear vision. Yin’s precocious mastery is defined by the experimental discipline of her line.

This is high-drama without the hysterics.

Pictures: Yiqing Yin SS13 Couture Show

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