TREND REPORT Step into the pages of Vogue Korea

and enter a mythical world of surrealistic romance

In this fashion photo-essay by Korean photographic wunderkind Hyea W. Kang for Vogue Korea, we wander the dream-like world of the ‘Goddess of Love’ and explore the results of an incredible collaboration between über talented Korean designer Jinteok and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Following on from last month’s darkly industrial ‘Full Force’ photo-story, we enter a fantastical dimension, the realm of the mystical and delicately beautiful Goddess of Love. Against the icy blue-and-white backdrop of this ethereal place, with hair as white as snow and skin gleaming with accents of silvery blue, she wafts in diaphanous whispers of muslin and lace by Korean designer Jinteok, whose perfect fusion of Western and Oriental styles marries a modern vibe with luxury materials.

Crisp white androgynous pants and pristine flat footwear offer a clean silhouette, softened with billowing tulle and scalloped-edged lace cinched at the waist for feminine charm. Fragile fishnet studded with tiny gleaming crystals provides an alluring veil for a demure bride.

Further on, we come upon a gloriously ornate amber necklace with crystal leaf detailing nestling among a windfall of nature’s bounty; opposite, the Goddess of Love wears a Snow Queen-style bodice of white and silver, encrusted with crystals and pearls. Later, we see her languishing, swan-like, in a gorgeous feathered gown scattered with amber crystals, then enveloped in a sheer cloak decorated with appliquéd discs of monochrome-patterned fabric, followed by a show-stopping, luminescent gown glistening with romantic floral embellishment made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It is a dream frozen in time.

Photographed as part of a series of six fashion stories for Vogue Korea by the master of visual drama, Hyea W. Kang, whose vision was brought to life by Vogue Korea stylist Young Hee Suh.

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