Julie Ragolia’s stunning collaboration with the Senhoa Foundation combines expert styling and a worthy cause.

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INTERVIEW Fashion for a cause

Changing people’s lives with a new accessories collection

After the successful launch of their collaboration with Coco Rocha, The Senhoa Foundation teamed up with New York stylist Julie Ragolia to launch an accessories collection for men and women. Ragolia is Fashion Director of Man of the World, contributor to Vogue and Vanity Fair, and collaborator with the likes of Hermès. Julie is also the cover subject of The Satorialist by famed street fashion photographer Scott Schuman.

An incredible cause and life changing for its beneficiaries, Senhoa provides income-generating opportunities to women and girls in Cambodia who have endured sexual exploitation, trafficking and slavery. Survivors learn to handcraft beautiful jewelry from scratch and, in a perfect circle of social enterprise, all the profits go back to finance Senhoa’s initiatives.

Ragolia’s range has hints of boho chic, featuring hand-sewn crystals donated by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, antique brass chain detailing, and rope braiding. The collection includes sartorial elements for men, with cufflinks, necklaces and quirky alternatives to the traditional tie.

Julie Ragiola told us what the collection meant to her…

I’m used to working in a team, so designing for Senhoa was the first time I’ve sat down on my own to find out what I wanted to make. It was like staring out into the ocean to find its center point.

My aesthetic is based on minimalism and, as a menswear editor, it’s often inspired by menswear and how it can inform women’s style—hence the Senhoa collection features elements for both sexes.

I wanted to utilize SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in a brand new way. I focused on the masculine qualities of crystal as the ‘Protector’, using rope techniques and metal wire to cover the stones, keeping them ‘safe’, as feminine objects—the crystals’ unique light still shines through, though it appears to be cradled. I felt the design process was an extension of Senhoa’s mission to keep vulnerable young women safe.

This project is close to my heart, as I’ve watched women create gorgeous items by hand in the Peruvian jungle—the most inspirational place I’ve ever been to. I saw how pure joy can be attained with so little.

I couldn’t be more excited about the long-term benefits that this partnership brings. Swarovski has brought a new meaning to everything Senhoa does through their participation and support.

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