The graceful and elegant abaya, worn by women all over the world, lends itself beautifully to embroidery, appliqué, and crystal decoration. Thirteen top-notch brands across the GCC took up the glittering gauntlet in June 2013 and showcased their skills with gorgeous designs adorned with shimmering crystals from Swarovski.

The looks that were created were a true celebration of the traditional abaya’s versatility. They featured vibrant, crystal-encrusted cuffs and edgings, floral appliqués, rosettes, swirls, and delicate patterns of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Against the dramatic black cloth, the crystals resembled a constellation of twinkling stars in hues ranging from subtle to rainbow-bright. Studded shoulders, crystallized hemlines, and fashion-forward embellishment produced glinting drapes and shimmering folds, beautifully emphasizing the graceful swish of the fabric. This was a perfect illustration of how to take a simple garment to a whole new level of glamour.

Here you'll find the abayas of the following brands: Ajooba, Al Shal, Bait Al Abaya Al Sharqiaa, First Choice House UAE, Bait Hanayen, Fashion Line, First Choice House KSA, Habayeb, Hanayen, Khunji, Marent, Oval Abaya, and Zumorrod.