Swarovski was founded in 1895, with a mission to supply the world's best designers with high quality, precision-cut, mass produced crystal stones in a never-before seen range of colors. The company's roots were firmly planted in Paris, where the couture houses used the so-called "pierres de tyrol" for their luxurious jewelry collections. Soon the company consolidated and expanded its influence in the fields of fashion, accessories and lighting, each industry being offered an unparalleled variety of precision-cut crystals under the brand SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that allowed the most creative expressions in their field.

The interiors industry has been another, rather new, focus in Swarovski's endeavours over the past decade. Starting with applications on fabrics and upholstery, more and more designers began using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for home embellishment, table decorations and interior textiles.

With SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at Work, a major new initiative, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS intends to expand its reach into contemporary furniture and product design and has undertaken to develop new application techniques to make crystals work for the interiors sector.

Application Innovations

For the interior industry SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, originally designed for use in fashion and jewelry are intelligently adapted, enhanced and incorporated into products and finishes developed using some of the most precise techniques and materials in the interiors industry. With so many exciting new products and ways of using crystal emerging from this initiative, it has once again shown Swarovski's exceptional commitment to innovation, this time in the product and interiors sector.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at Work provided the ideal platform to further develop new application solutions, and even new materials, such as crystal laminate (an invention of Konstantin Grcic in collaboration with ABET LAMINATI and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS). Crystal Flock on fabric was also used for the very first time for a commercial product by designer Fanny Aronsen.

The project also helped to show a wide range of Swarovski's application techniques to the public - from crystal and tiling, interior fabrics embroidered with crystal, and crystal applied to or incorporated into concrete, leather, wood, metal or acrylic glass. The various possibilities of usage, ranging across furniture, home accessories, wall and floor coverings, interior textiles and more, are myriad.