Is it the first time Swarovski (Elements) collaborates with a "band"?

Swarovski is proud of the house’s history of collaborations within the entertainment industry. The company has partnered with creative personalities and A-list celebrities in music, film and ballet, lending sparkle to everything from set design to iconic wardrobe and performance pieces. From music videos and feature films to the world’s largest stages featuring Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, to name a few, Swarovski is present, enhancing the artistry of each project.

Why did we partner?

Duran Duran is famous for working with fashion designers and personalities (particularly a few of the most glamorous women) to build a sharply personal and elegant image - one that earned them the nickname: the ‘Prettiest Boys in Rock’. The group has always focused on the best elements of design, production and artistic direction for their groundbreaking videos and tours. There is an inherent element of style in each project Duran Duran touches. A particular assertion of this is the example of the band’s association with one of Hollywood’s most enduringly iconic and stylized franchises: James Bond. Duran Duran’s title song for “A View to a Kill” remains the only theme song to have reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Duran Duran are a perfect fit because they share the common values of design innovation through technological excellence. The ‘Girl Panic!’ video presented an ideal opportunity for this design partnership.

Why do we think the band and the 5 super models make a good partnership?

A world renowned band of five handsome rock stars paired with five beautiful, high profile supermodels - it was a match made in heaven, and begging for the punctuation of utterly glamorous crystal embellishment. It all ties together for a romantic and idealized vision of “Rock & Roll”. Duran Duran also has a history with some of the models – each of whom has a distinct and powerful persona - which easily made the project, ‘Girl Panic!’, a happy creative reunion. The concept of the video was especially suitable for the incorporation of fashion and jewelry made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, along with crystallized set decoration. It is about a stylized notion and the imagined characters of music, where everything and everyone is awash in sparkle. Glitz, glam, indulgence are hand in hand.

The Edra Flap Sofa Diamond made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Swarovski’s Crystal Curtain take center stage along with the cast at various points throughout the video, washing the footage with sparkle. Designer fashion and jewelry incorporating SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS as well as ATELIER SWAROVSKI and Swarovski jewelry ranges are everywhere, serving as that essential fashion link Duran Duran made famous in their world of rock quite early on.

How did the partnership come to be? Who proposed this?

The band approached Swarovski regarding this collaboration but naturally it was a perfect fit for the company, which has a long tradition of working with stars of stage and screen. Swarovski products have been seen in major movie and music video productions. The fact that the video was to feature the supermodels was another important link to the world of fashion and that made the project a perfect match for Swarovski.

How was the collaboration with Jonas Åkerlund formed? How did Swarovski collaborate with Jonas during the filming?

It was certainly an honor to work with this amazing and highly creative director. He had complete freedom to incorporate the products in ways that would suit his creative concept. He also came up with some brilliant ideas, like filming through the Swarovski Crystal Curtain.

Were there any exclusive pieces in the film?

Yes, some of the products were especially embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and, of course, it was also necessary to decorate some of the costumes by hand. For example, hundreds of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were applied to the microphone and the guitar straps, The Edra sofa made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and the Swarovski Crystal Curtain as well as all the amazing designers dresses and jewelry added more glamour and brilliance to the setting. Swarovski was delighted that the director came up with special creative ideas, like filming through the crystal curtain.