The making of ‘Girl Panic!’ should come as no surprise. Named after a character in sci-fi cult classic, Barbarella, Duran Duran can legitimately claim to have led the way in slick music videos. In fact, the group built its reputation this way, using videos to flash their pop-funk music, male-model looks and glamorous sense of style around the world.

So when keyboard player, Nick Rhodes, had “this crazy idea for a video for the song ‘Girl Panic!’”, it looked fantastic on paper, but seemed impossible to pull off until Swedish film director Jonas Åkerlund came on board. The crazy idea involved asking five of the world’s most recognizable supermodels to swop places with Duran Duran’s band members in an amusing role reversal. By a stroke of good luck, supermodels, band and director all managed to clear the same day in their diaries, and the project was on.

As the camera rolls and the set bustles into action, models of winsome loveliness drift around. Rhodes invites us to step through the Swarovski Crystal Curtain into a world of beauty and glamour. The atmosphere is bedazzled: furniture (Edra Flap sofa Diamond); crystal-encrusted guitar straps and microphone; couture trouser suits and gowns, vertiginous heels; and jewelry from the world’s great designers all shimmer and glisten with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The mirage effect is heightened by Åkerlund’s inspired idea of filming through the crystal curtain. The five supermodels take their places, Naomi Campbell in scarlet trouser suit at center stage, channeling singer Simon Le Bon, microphone glinting with 700 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Behind her, on drums, Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor. Cindy Crawford and Le Bon’s wife, Yasmin, are guitarists John Taylor and Dom Brown, while Eva Herzigova is keyboard player, Nick Rhodes.

"It has all of the ingredients that we feel are important,” said Simon Le Bon, “it's humorous, glamorous, sexy and very Duran Duran."