Jakarta’s Pacific Place fizzes with ‘Crystal Christmas’ chic

It’s set to be the newest show in town—one that promises to turn Pacific Place Jakarta, the Indonesian capital’s most exclusive shopping center, into not just a stylish retail destination, but also a party venue! From November 22, 2013–January 12, 2014, Swarovski is partnering with Pacific Place to give it a dazzling ‘Crystal Christmas’-themed makeover. Sparkling interior décor and window displays, and luxurious festive decorations, including a magnificent crystal installation in the ground-level atrium, will create a magical, festive mood. Swarovski is also teaming up with 25 top international and local brands and designers in a range of out-of-this-world, limited-edition goods that will be displayed at several locations in the Mall: Galeries Lafayette dept. store, Metro dept.store and a selection of tenants of the Shopping Mall ! Even better, some will be available for purchase at selected stores for a limited period. It’s raining crystals in Jakarta this Christmas!

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Lovegang pres. Kathy Diamond - Let There Be Love (Day Version)