Majestic and graceful, the abaya’s fluid and elegant simplicity lends itself perfectly to intricate embroidery techniques, appliqué work, and embellishment with crystals from Swarovski. Worn for thousands of years, this is a garment with a noble heritage that is constantly updated by talented designers using the finest fabrics and exceptional couture skills.

Crystal Loves Abaya is a dazzling demonstration of the art: six top-class Middle East designers were commissioned by Swarovski to create abayas that bring their brand identities and individual visions to life. They more than rose to the collaborative challenge. Each produced a capsule collection of three or four sleekly stylish abayas, breathtakingly conceived and immaculately executed. These are modern masterpieces, richly deserving of a place in couture history. Make sure you see them—use the navigation points to browse the whole collection.

Participating designers: Hania Albraikan for Hania (Riyadh); Rawan Azhar of Ta Marbota (Jeddah); Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi for Medici (Qatar); Lubna Al Zakwani for Endemage (Oman); Sara Al Madani for Rouge Couture, and Abeer Al Suwaidi (both United Arab Emirates).